In Your Lane – Ep #1 – King Kyle Chalmers: From Port Lincoln to World Champion

You know Bevo from Legends with Bevo?

Well, he has now started a new exciting swimming podcast with highly credentialed swimming coach Shelly Jarrett.

Shelly aka Shells has coached some of the biggest names in swimming including Adelaide’s very own world champion Kyle Chalmers who also happens to be our first guest on the podcast.

On this first exciting episode, Shells discussed a small insight to some of the more fun elements of coaching Kyle and how that helped to make swimming more enjoyable.

We also discussed the influence fellow coach Peter Bishop has had on his career, Kyle’s plans post swimming, his current side hussle that’s keeping him busy and we had a fun game plus Shelly’s special sprint finish to keep Kyle on his toes!

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Listen to the interview with Kyle Chalmers


Watch the interview with Kyle Chalmers

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