Sports Legends with Bevo – Ep #23 – Shelly Jarrett – The secrets to coaching the best in the world!

Former British swim coach Shelly has more than 30 years of coaching experience and is now a high performance coach based in Australia.

Shelly was the coach of Olympic gold medalist Kyle Chalmers while he competed in Rio de Janeiro and helped drive Kyle to win the 100m Freestyle as a teenager at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

She has presented at various conferences and is now a coach educator for Swimming Australia. Shelly has a passion for helping people achieve their goals.

Born in Germany originally before moving to London, Shelly has travelled the world, creating many wonderful memories and many different experiences before moving to Adelaide where she now calls home.

On my recent chat with Shelly on Sports Legends with Bevo we discussed how she first got into coaching and what she enjoys about it, the keys to being a good coach, how she first got to meet Australian superstar Kyle Chalmers and what it was like seeing him win gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics as a teenager.

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