Comedy Legends with Bevo – Ep #13 – DJ Checkers and Srey – Marmalade Australia – How to go viral on social media!

DJ Checkers and Srey are two young blokes that are doing great things. They are the boys from Marmalade Australia, Div 12 Ressies and Anything is Content.

What started out as a bit of fun where they were filming each other kicking ‘torps’ has now led them getting to meet some of Australia’s biggest celebrities, none bigger than the former CEO Gil McLachlan who they finally persuaded to kick torps with them on the hallowed turf of the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

Their Marmalade Aus socials have gone gangbusters and they now have an amazing 25,000 Instagram followers and close to 76,000 on TikTok with their latest claim to fame ‘The Div 12 Ressies’ leading to them making several media appearances which even included an appearance on Channel 9’s The Today Show.

On my recent chat with Checkers and Srey on Comedy Legends with Bevo we discussed how the idea to kick ‘torps’ and the Div 12 Ressies came about, tips for going viral on social media and the boys shared some of the favourite celebrities they have met along the way.

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Listen to the interview with DJ Checkers and Srey.

Watch the interview with DJ Checkers and Srey.